Kindergarten Frequently Asked Questions

At South Park, we have noticed that many first time parents with incoming kindergarteners have very similar questions from year to year. We hope that this F.A.Q page can help with some of those questions. If you do not find your answer on this page please contact Dr. Furman at Maybe your question will make this page for next year!

What are the times for AM and PM kindergarten?

AM starting time is 8:50am. Students may be able to enter the school no earlier than 8:35. The AM kindergarten day is over at 11:25 with bus dismissal

PM starting time is 12:50pm. Students may wait with a parent no earlier than 12:40 in the main lobby. The PM kindergarten day is over at 3:25 with bus dismissal.

Do kindergarteners have snack time?

Not really. The students do get a drink break and you may provide a drink for them. If they do not have a drink they can get water from the fountain. Being a half day program we do not have enough time for a full snack.

Do kindergarteners get specials like music or gym?

Yes! Kindergarten students get different 20 minute special every day. Through the week, they will receive gym, art, music, library and technology.

Can you explain the car rider procedures?

Car riders will need a letter sent to the teacher first thing in the morning. Then when you come to pick up your child you will need to have a car rider pass (available in the main office in packs). You will fill out one form and turn it in to the adult in the car rider area. They will send it to the main office and only then do we call for your student to go to the “F” wing door to be picked up. The time for car rider pick up is just a bit earlier than the bus dismissal. If you are picking up at the end of the day it is suggested that you be at the school around 3:25. If you are picking up mid-day you should be here around 11:25.

If my child is going to EDS for all day kindergarten, do they get lunch?

Yes! The EDS program brings the students to our cafeteria. They sit together at one of the tables and they can also buy lunch in our cafeteria if they choose.

Can I have someone else pick up my child from the bus stop?

Yes and No. Every child must be picked up from the bus stop. The bus driver will NOT allow the student to be dropped off without an adult there to receive them. If you cannot be there you may send someone in your place BUT they must be on your emergency list and have an ID to show the bus driver. If you know in advance that someone else will be picking up your child from the bus stop please contact the main office so we can prepare the bus driver and make sure we have the new person on the emergency list.

What is EDS?

EDS stands for Extended Day Services. It is a company that runs a before school, K+, after school, and summer camp programs in our building. You can work with EDS to get care for your child from 7am through 6pm daily including summer. The K + program is set up if you would want your child to have an all-day kindergarten experience.

What should my child bring on the first day of school?

The teachers will provide a supply list. You can also find supply list suggestions on the school web site. However, do not feel anxious about supplies. You can always buy the basics like pencils, a book bag, a hard pencil case, and some crayons. Make sure the book bag is large enough to fit a notebook but small enough that it fits your child.

Is breakfast available?

Yes. Breakfast is available from 8:30 to 8:50 every morning. If your child is taking the bus they can go from the bus straight to our cafeteria and eat. The cost for breakfast is $1.50.

What is HAC and how do I get in?

HAC stands for the home access center. You will be given a paper on how to login and your username and temporary password. HAC will be where you can see attendance data and grades for your child. You will also get the report card in the HAC. Through the years you will receive other important information through the HAC. Make sure you keep your email up to date in the schools system.

If you have any other questions that have not been answered in our F.A.Q page please do not hesitate to call or email us at 412-655-3111 or and welcome to the South Park Elementary Center Family!


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