Indoor Recess Information

Dear South Park Elementary Center Families,

As the winter months arrive, so does the possibility of indoor recess. Indoor recess is an opportunity for students to play in the gymnasium during their typical recess time when the weather keeps us from going outside. There are several activities for the students to choose from in the gym including shooting basketball, foursquare, hula hoops and more.

We determine whether the students will have indoor or outdoor recess based on the temperature and precipitation. Generally, if the wind chill is below 32 or if it is raining or snowing, we will have indoor recess. However, we do try to get the students outside as often as we can so please have the students prepared for outdoor recess which would include having a coat, gloves, hat, etc. Because indoor recess is in the gym, students will need to wear appropriate shoes. If a child is not wearing tennis shoes, they will still be able to play along the side of the gym.

During indoor recess, it has been customary to let students bring certain items with which to play. It should be noted that nothing the child brings to indoor recess is allowed to be traded, bought or sold. This will result in a school consequence. South Park School District is not responsible for student’s personal items.

These items are listed below:

  1. reading books / coloring books
  2. dolls/ stuffed animals
  3. Matchbox cars

Some items that are not allowed would include (but not limited to):

  1. Trading cards
  2. Playing cards
  3. Figures for trading
  4. Personal Electronic Devices
  5. Anything of personal or financial value
  6. Fidget Spinners

Please discuss this letter with your child.

Thank you,

Rob Furman

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